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It's happening so fast!

He never says he loves her
He never utters such a thing
But each kiss is a declaration
straight to her heart
And each touch a promise
from him forever
He thinks she knows
He thinks she will see
from just feeling
his meaning
from hearing
his unspoken words
How could she not know?

He loves her with every fiber
lives only to feel her touch
longs for
the softness of her whispers
and the temptation of her lips
He can't imagine the days
without her laughter
ringing sweet in his ear

But he feels her drifting
from him and his unspoken heart
She smiles with distance in her eyes
And he wants to cry
his revelation ready to fall
from the tip of his tongue

But he does nothing
just the same each day
Closer to confession
As her heart turns away

I feel like life is running full speed, giving me no time to worry. And then I slow down and I worry. But I push it away too. Is that weird?

I'm very excited about moving. As soon as we get the preliminary title report and the appraisal, we can order docs and do our signing. If all is well, we could sign next week. NEXT WEEK! But it probably won't be for a couple of weeks. I can't imagine things going *that* well. LOL! Still, the thought is scary. I keep imagining our house-to-be and where we'll put everything. I wonder how long it will take for it to feel like HOME. I can't wait to sit out in the backyard and take in the sights. :)

The real estate agent to helped us buy our current house is going to help us sell it. We're meeting with her this Saturday. Once again, it's happening so fast! I haven't even started packing! Ye gods!!!

I have no idea where my poems come from sometimes. It's an interesting process, just jotting down lines of poetry. :) I never realized how much I missed writing it until now. LOL!
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