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I intend on savoring every moment

I need to write more here. :)

breakfast at lhs

The high school had their annual holiday breakfast and it was delicious! And it was lovely seeing my friends and catching up for a bit. :)

breakfast at lhs breakfast at lhs
my co-workers from the DO

breakfast at lhs breakfast at lhs
my friends from Liberty

I sat at the wrong table though. The back table won 9 prizes! No fair! Two people from our office won and they were sitting at the same table. Crazy. CRAZY! Nice prizes too. LOL!

breakfast at lhs breakfast at lhs
pretty gift baskets

i sit here
I sit here

It was a good day at work. I did my best to not be anxious for the end of it, but now I'm so glad the workday is over. Ten days just for me! :D
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