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just to watch you cry

even if you beg
I won't stop to turn around
just to watch you cry

December Luncheon

My second holiday luncheon at the office. It was fun! I wish I could have participated in the gift exchange, but alas. :P

December Luncheon December Luncheon

The food was good. Mmmmm, meat! LOL!

December Luncheon December Luncheon

My co-worker got the cutest things during the gift exchange, but they kept getting stolen! It was still fun to watch. She could have stolen stuff too, but she just kept going back to the table to get another gift. I think she just liked opening the gifts. LOL!

December Luncheon December Luncheon

It was nice to get away from the desk and just eat and watch people open gifts. I had a good time!

December Luncheon
me at my desk with the holiday cards behind me

I used the timer on that shot. Fun! :)
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