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  • My sister is going to Costa Rica tomorrow for her company holiday. They're staying here. Looks fabulous! I'm a little jealous.

  • I'm reading Nick Stokes fan fiction. What the heck?! And I'm think I'm a Nick/Mandy shipper now. Good Lord. This one writer on my Nick list is totally fabulous and I love her take on Nick and Mandy. Definitely and deliciously adult. LOL!

  • Trying desperately not to wish it were already Friday!!!

  • Sad there's no Fringe until January. Ugh!

  • Determined to do some Supernatural watching during Winter Break. DETERMINED!

Cards on my wall at work
the cards at work

  • The holiday cards are my domain, after they're checked out by the superintendent, of course. I'm trying to go for the random taping on the wall thing. ;)

  • I was telling my friend about how Jared P. had a cute girlfriend and when I looked him up, I found out he and Sandra had broken up! Boo! They're so cute together. I'm sad. :(

  • I'm sad I'm not doing Christmas cards this season. Why must things cost money?!


  • We have too much candy and cookies and other delights floating about the office these days. I need to get on my bike and ride! It's all fun having all that stuff around, but ugh! I don't even want to get on the scale these days. Horrors!

  • You know, even if I wanted to go to a Supernatural convention in the near future, I still wouldn't be able to take a picture with Jensen or Jared or the both of them because they're already SOLD OUT. Even the convention all the way in November 2009! What the hell? How many do they sell that they're already sold out almost a year before the con?! Maybe I won't ever get to meet Jensen. Better that way, perhaps.

  • I'm having fun writing at my typepad blog. I feel like I'm writing to people who don't really know me. Of course, no one is reading it over there, as far as I know, and that's fine with me. It's still kinda fun to write somewhere else. :)

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