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now the link is broken

we pulled too much
we pulled too hard
now the link is broken
we ran too fast
we ran too far
now the link is broken
do we just walk away
do we go our separate ways
forgetting our connection
do we forget
do we regret
releasing our connection
we pulled too hard
we ran too far
now the link is broken

We caved and turned our heater on yesterday. So now I'm not super cold as I get ready for work.

Oh, we watched the TNT show Leverage last night. SO GOOD! Perhaps I'm biased because I adore Gina Bellman, but I thought the other actors (Timothy Hutton and Christian Kane among them) were good and it was a very cool show. Definitely a keeper. :)

Morning me with new bangs!

I broke down last night and took the scissors to my hair. They didn't turn out so bad, I think. LOL!

Tags: poetry
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