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A post for no reason...

Lord Of The Rings Legolas

I just wanted a reason to use the above smiley.   Brows  Oh, and I guess this one.

We watched the first showing of Hellboy.  Can I just say that I enjoyed that movie?  Well, I did!  I've never read the comic books, so perhaps I was at a disadvantage.  Or was it actually an advantage since I didn't have anything to compare the movie to?  Whatever the case, I liked it.  The young man (Rupert Evans) looked familiar, but though his name rings a bell, his acting credits do not.  Hmmm.

Baseball 5 

My A's won this evening.  It's still pre-season, but they're home now.  Opening Day, just three days away!  Ye gods!  It's all just happening so fast now.  I'm going to be in baseball heaven come Monday.  Yowsa!

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