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1st of the 1st in 2008

Post the first sentence or two from the first post of every month in 2008.

[The italicized are poems and I won't use my daily tweets as first sentences, etc...]

January 1
scorned and abandoned
left to cruel solitude

February 1
Timmy is on TV! On Paula's Party.

March 1
Jensen, George, and Jack!

Okay, they'll NEVER read this, but I want to put the thought out there.

April 1
I never loved you
when I smiled

May 1
in a universe parallel
love blooms unhindered

June 1
the mirror blithely lies
the reflection mere deception

July 1
keep me
close to your heart

August 1
let me slip into the darkness
hide in the shadows

September 1
I am undaunted
belonging to this truth

October 1
forget about me
cast me aside from your mind
swear I don't exist

November 1
rain down upon me
catch my tears and let them fall
mingled with the rain

December 1
it's my heart breaking
this quiet shatter
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