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before I say goodbye

before I say goodbye
promise me one thing
when you close your eyes
think of me in laughter
remember me with smiles
forget the restless sorrow
before I say goodbye
promise me another thing
when you close your eyes
think of me in sunshine
remember me in your warmth
forget the the chilling silence
before I say goodbye
promise me one more thing
when you close your eyes
just think of me
remember me
without those falling tears

I was somewhere and people were around and George Eads walked by. I needed to talk to him, but he went past the room I was in (don't know what room that was) and slammed a door or something. I knew he was mad about something, but I still wanted to talk to him. I don't think I got to him though. Bummer!

Then I'm watching these two people working on a set or something. The girl (who isn't me and yet I seem to be in her body or something) is some kind of assistant person and the guy is some kind of person in front of the camera (maybe an actor, not sure). He's kinda hunky and she kisses him. Only I'm the one who feels the kiss. WEIRD!

Then I'm imagining my story and how two people having an intimate night and nothing turns out right in the morning.

Then I wake up. But with tension for another story I have in my head. Nice.


ETA: Forgot the other dreams! I was wandering through city streets (San Leandro?) and ran into my mom walking with some friends, then my cousin appeared too. A few minutes later I was talking to my online friend Marni about how she and her husband had to take my car and they needed to pay some kind of permit because a sticker on my car was expired. WEIRD! Gotta text Marni about that one. LOL!
Tags: dreams, poetry
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