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this long weekend...

First off, I FINISHED THE NOVEL!!! The ending is a little lame, so I need to re-write it. I'm hoping to do a little of that today. We'll see. :)

Second, it's been a wonderful five days off! I think today we're actually staying home and just relaxing. Maybe some grocery shopping later? I dunno.

Here's a more detailed rundown of the weekend...

WEDNESDAY - I think we thought it was going to be a lazy day, but we had to head out to Livermore. We ended up having dinner at Cattlemen's, which was nice. Prime rib! :)

Dinner at Cattlemen's
i'm such a meat eater!

Their prices have gone up. It was rather noticeable. But it was good, so I won't complain too much. ;)

THURSDAY - Ah, Thanksgiving!

Dinner here

It was my first time having Thanksgiving Dinner at a restaurant. We went with the in-laws. Bakers Square does a decent job. I was full afterwards. :) I even finished my pie.

Dinner on Thanksgiving Mmmm, pie!

Having dinner so early (before 5pm) allowed us to head to Alameda to my aunt's house. I had a great time visiting with my cousins and their kids. I played Scrabble (I came in 3rd), the hubby played poker. Fun times! Oh, and Breelyn was there, so I got to hold a baby. I love holding babies. LOL!

Breelyn at Thanksgiving
Yeah, I digg it Thanksgiving 2008
Breelyn at Thanksgiving Thanksgiving 2008

FRIDAY - My friend Debbie had an open house to show off her new kitchen. It's lovely! And it was great hanging out there.

open house at debbie's open house at debbie's

The counter uses recycled Skyy bottles. How cool is that?!

open house at debbie's open house at debbie's

The sink is DEEP. And the lights are so pretty!

open house at debbie's
me and my friend Cassady

open house at debbie's
me, Cassady, and Debbie

I posted the above pic at my Facebook and one of our old high school classmates (we all went to high school together) said, "20 Years has been good to you girls!!!" Isn't that sweet? LOL!

SATURDAY - We went over to Pleasant Hill to visit the new baby, Alina. It was good to see my cousins and just relax. :) Breelyn also stopped by, so two babies in one place! LOL!

Alina Alina
visiting Alina
breelyn napping visiting Alina
visiting Alina

We had pizza for lunch. Mmmm.

pizza! pizza!

And evenutally I did get to hold Alina. She's so small! :)

Alina and Breelyn

alina with auntie val

With Alina alina with auntie christine
me with Alina, Breelyn's mommy with Alina

And my favorite pictures of the day feature Christine holding Alina while Breelyn sits at her shoulder. Or so it seems. ;)

visiting alina
visiting alina visiting alina

Time to read the novel and start slicing and dicing. LOL! Maybe. At least the end anyway...
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