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The silk of her voice

Sometimes he dreams
of a different place
Neither here nor there
And he follows a stranger
with beckoning eyes
and a sweet smile
She whispers secrets
he can't quite decipher
He falls into her
wanting to know more
Surrendering to her touch
even as the questions
bubble inside
When the morning light shines
he only remembers the feeling
The promise of her kiss
The linger of her taste
The silk of her voice

We are almost caught up on Supernatural! LOL! We watched four episodes of Supernatural. Thank goodness for TiVo! The last ep we watched was "Asylum." Super creepy! I love the Dean character. And no, not just because it's Jensen. :P I like his smartass ways. Sometimes I see the Alec guy from Dark Angel.

We had Chinese food for dinner. Yummmm! We never have Chinese food at home. It was a lovely surprise. :)

Tomorrow is my mom's surprise retirement party. Yes, I can finally mention it! It's not like she reads my journal or anything though. LOL!

I just checked one of my yahoo accounts and some junior high girl emailed me thinking I was someone else. Genius! It's funny getting emails intended for other people. Just the other day, at one of my gmail accounts, I got an email for a Camille from a guy she met at the airport, I think. It was kinda neat. She was on her way to Paris and got stuck on "the Toronto tarmac." She ended up sitting next to a guy name Colin. This was on December 15. It's really an interesting email. I'm debating on whether to reply to him and tell him that he got the wrong email address. :P
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