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he thinks it's easy

he thinks it's easy
loving this way
the ups and turns
skidding and stopping
plunging and falling
he thinks it's easy
longing this way
the tears and laughter
skipping and halting
racing and flying
he thinks it's easy
wanting this way
the twists and downs
beating and pounding
sliding and swaying
he thinks it's so easy
staying this way
the silence and mist
chilling and fading
touching and skimming
but it's not so easy

The dogs woke me up too early and the rest of the day went oddly. is STILL DOWN. I am trying not to get too freaked out about it, but DAMNIT! WHAT THE HELL?!

Well, this can't be good

My PC decided to not work and kept showing the above message. And no matter which choice I highlighted, the computer would start then restart back to that message. The hubby got it working again and I am now in the midst of backing up my music, which is the only thing I haven't really been doing lately. Aaack!!!

today's gas prices
gas at the Tower station in Brentwood

I thought that would be the lowest price we'd see today, but whilst driving through Tracy, we saw a Valero with gas for $1.87. Rockin'!

We visited Meggie today! She seemed to be doing well. I'm glad. Still miss her very much. She's such a good girl.



We had a very late lunch/very early dinner at the Texas Roadhouse in Tracy. Omigosh, it was soooo good! And they blasted the country music, which just made it even better. LOL! Sometimes I forget how much I love country music. ;)

Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse

After eating, we headed to the Verizon store so that I could touch a Blackberry Storm. They're sold out and we don't have any money, so of course I didn't walk out with one. Maybe sometime in December. It can be a Christmas present, eh? LOL! Sorry, no pictures of the Storm. Forgot!

Oh, but this was next to the Verizon store. I'll have to have a beer there once. Just to say that I did. ;)

This made me laugh
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