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I don't yearn for anything

I don't yearn for anything
just the chance to be
lost inside your love
never wanting to be free
I don't long for anything
just one touch from you
maybe merely a whisper
to charge my heart anew
I don't ache for anything
just your breath on my skin
promise in your fingertips
pleasure pulled from within

I'm finding more and more people from the past on Facebook. It's wonderful! I really love seeing once familiar faces looking not so familiar. And then some looking almost exactly the same. LOL! It's kinda crazy. And fun.

Whilst watching the news last night, they mentioned that it was a spare the air day. No wood fires are allowed to burn for 24 hours. Want to know how they look for offenders? They DRIVE around with their windows down and use their noses and their eyes. THEY DRIVE AROUND. Maybe they're using their hybrids for such things, but somehow it just seems odd to me that on a day or night you want to spare the air, you drive around to find offenders using their fireplaces.

Or is it just me?
Tags: poetry
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