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the eye of winter...

The eye of winter
when sunshine beams bright
almost warm
yet so deceiving
As the clouds gather gray
waiting to cry in gloom
Just beyond the horizon
chasing the sun down
to night
The air cools to cold
The stars unseen
And we're back
to the storm of winter


Saturday morning I had an interview/test in Stockton for a medical billing company. It looks like they're hiring for a bunch of positions, so hopefully I get a shot at one of them. We'll see. Math, ye gods! LOL! The rest of the day we just lazed about at home because the weather turned rainy. :P

Sunday we checked out some open homes in Discovery Bay. We drove around a bit and went into a couple of houses. The first house, on Edgeview Court, was pretty spiffy. Bigger than our current house, but didn't really feel like it. (Maybe that HUGE piece of furniture in the living room made it smaller. LOL!) The backyard was gorgeous! It opens up the golf course/lagoon, so technically no backyard neighbors. I could totally see us living there. That backyard was so lovely and I wouldn't mind having it. :) The second house was small (to me) but once again bigger than our current house. It doesn't have a living room, so we might have more furniture than it can handle. And the master bedroom wasn't as nice as the first house. We just need to get our approval so that we can figure out which house we want! :D

Monday we were totally lazy! I love long weekends and even better when they're lazy! :D
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