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Legend of the Seeker

Well, I really enjoyed the first ep of Legend of the Seeker. It's visually stunning, the action rocks, and the story is intriguing. And our first look of the main guy is him shirtless! LOL!

It was great seeing Jeffrey Thomas, though his part was small. And there was also Craig Parker and Jay Laga'aia. Wonderful to see them! It gives me hope that maybe Erik Thomson might make the trip to New Zealand for a little part even though he's in a successful Aussie show at the moment? Hey, I can dream. ;) Or maybe Bruce Campbell might pop in. LOL!

Oh, and how glad I am that we have WGN in HD! Our local station didn't show Legend of the Seeker in HD but our WGN did! So we'll be watching the show on WGN. Plus it airs sooner for us on that station. Gotta love syndication. LOL!

So if you get the chance to watch the show, WATCH IT. :D
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