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The life of one unemployed...

So far, it just feels like a vacation. Monday I went into work with the Husband. Yesterday and today I tried to do my writing routine. When the Husband came home, we went out to the mall and walked around. Not too bad. ;)

What the hell are the viewers of American Idol listening to?!  How could Amy, Jennifer and La Toya be the bottom three?  How could La Toya be in the bottom three?!  It's a bloody OUTRAGE!

Either I'm going to stop watching American Idol or I need to start voting for La Toya.

Amy did a lovely job with her song.  She doesn't deserve to get booted out before John Stevens or Camille Velasco or even Jon Peter Lewis.  I have to say, she was very poised when she found out she was the one going home.  Gotta admire that. 

Let Down

Anyhoo, I'm really looking forward to baseball season starting.  I can't wait! 


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