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watch them fall like tears

gather 'round gray clouds
soak the sorrows of the world
watch them fall like tears

Happy Halloween!


It was a decent day at work and I was glad when it was over. Although since it was payday, I got to see happy faces. ;) So that was nice.

We didn't want to deal with the childen who might knock on the door, so we decided to see a movie at the new movie theatre in town, Rave Motion Pictures.

On the dark side

We chose RocknRolla. A nice R-rated flick! (We figured that the chances of kids actually going to that movie were slim. We were right.)

Plush seats

The auditorium had that new car smell. Seriously! And the seats were plush! We sat in the back row, as is our usual custom. No one can kick our seats. We were two of six people for the whole showing.

Oh, and the movie! ROCKIN'! Very much a guys flick, but what's wrong with that? I like the movies where it's almost all guys in the flick and one gal who's rather cool. Thandie Newton is smooth. I like her. And yes, Gerard Butler was pretty cool in the movie. On the whole, I'd recommend it. It has its moments.
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