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memories in the pocket

memories in the pocket
remnants of the past
how one touch
just one look
gathers laughter so fast
when the music soared
on the country side
when old friends met again
after the flying the sky
when we watched the ball
from our courtside seats
when we sat in a crowd
wishing it was time to leave
memories in the pocket
pieces of yesterday
keeping safe inside
waiting to have their say

Memories in a pocket

The large piece of paper and the BUR ticket go together. I was on my way to the Herc/Xena convention in Pasadena in 2000. My second time seeing Ryan Gosling. The last time I saw Kevin Smith.

George Strait concert ticket from a couple of years ago. I'm glad I've seen him in concert a couple of times. And Miranda Lambert also played and she rocked!

Battle of the Bay 2000 ticket. Raiders vs. 49ers playing BASKETBALL. The only time I've sat courtside at the Arena. It was pretty cool.

Commencement 2000. I would have rather have been a the baseball game getting an Eric Chavez bobblehead. I still remember that feeling from that day. Oh sure, I got to watch a graduation, but no one cares anymore about that person who graduated.

Memories in the pocket of my jacket, which I've owned for a long time. It's the same jacket I had on when I first met Greg Lee.

Gee, the things I remember.
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