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just be strong

just be strong
hold fast to the emptiness
spend your tears slow
sink deep into the darkness
just be strong
cling hopelessly to hope
believe the hurt will pass
search for that speck of light
just be strong
breath in and out
let go of the pain
surrender the ache to the past
just be strong
remember without wanting
forget the reasons why
move on towards tomorrow
just be strong

I want to catch up on Supernatural. I need my Jensen fix. Why am I so lazy that I won't watch Supernatural?!

I'm still annoyed about work. But you know, I'm just glad that the people I work with on a daily basis aren't asses. So I'll just leave it at that for now. ;)

Walnut and Balfour

The days are getting shorter. I can't wait to change the time. This weekend, right? I'm aching for that extra hour!

Dinner at Chili's
dinner at Chili's

We haven't gone out to eat in awhile and the crowd seemed slightly scarce at Chili's. Maybe it was because it was a Tuesday night at around 5pm or so. Think? We drove by The Streets of Brentwood, which is the new upscale-ish shopping area here in Brentwood. Omigosh, it's so cute! LOL! It reminded us of this shopping area in Buckhead. It's set up a bit the same. I'll take pictures next time. ;)

Waiting impatiently for the next niece to be born. Yes, I'll be an auntie again very soon! I'm excited. Pictures of another newborn. Groovay!

Ohhh, Erik Thomson was nominated for his work in The Black Balloon! Hopefully I'll get to see that movie soon. Bah! Congrats Erik!!!
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