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recent movies, etc

I always forget to write about movies I've recently watched. I must change that. ;)

IRON MAN - Yes, I didn't see IRON MAN in the movie theatres. And after watching it on Blu-ray, I do regret that. But you know,going to the movies is expensive and I'm finding that I'll only make the effort if someone I've met is actually in the movie. Is that a silly prerequisite? LOL! Anyhoo, IRON MAN. WOW! I loved it! I should watch it again sometime. Robert Downey Jr. has a quirky charm as Tony Stark. I enjoyed all the hardware stuff. His Iron Man suit ROCKS! LOL! I thought it was very well done and bucks the trend of bad, big budget action films. It's actually a good, big budget action film. ;)

DRACULA 2000 - Okay, this one isn't a new one but we watched it last night for kicks and I had to comment. I got hooked on Jonny Lee Miller after watching this movie years ago. Yes, DRACULA 2000 was the reason I starting liking JLM. Isn't that super silly? And oh dear, I didn't even realize that Dracula was played by Gerald Butler until YEARS LATER. It wasn't as if he didn't play a rather interesting and sexy Dracula, I guess I was just caught by JLM. Watching it again last night, I appreciated GB a lot more than my first viewing. He's intoxicating as Dracula. It's a decent take on the Dracula story. I like the way they explained his origins. It makes sense.

Sometimes I wonder why I read comments after certain articles. I keep telling myself, don't read them because idiots write them! But no, I naively think someone might actually have a thoughtful opinion to express. Case in point, I just read an article about the upcoming Blackberry Storm.

Blackberry Storm
I do want this phone someday...

The article runs down the features, etc. I'm personally excited about this phone because 1) it's something new from Blackberry, 2) it runs on Verizon, which I have, 3) it's innovative. Some people want to compare it to the iPhone, but folks, let me just say that the iPhone wasn't the first touchscreen smartphone that came into existence. Trust me. And I loved the iPhone when I had it. It just seems that whenever a different phone manufacturer comes out with a touchscreen smartphone, people immediately jump in and say that they're trying to copy the iPhone, etc.

The article mentions that the Storm will NOT have wi-fi. And wow, you should read the comments about that one! (Actually, don't read the comments. Most of those people are idiots.) I've got to ask, if you're on an EVDO network that actually works (which I've found is very true in my area with Verizon), why do you NEED wifi? I do get the convenience of it when you're at home. Or traveling to places that don't get your service provider's signal. And I know that if you have the iPhone, it's a definitely boon to have wifi because using AT&T's network for browsing the internet SUCKS. Maybe it's different with the 3G. I suppose if you're not going to pay for a data plan (which is probably IMPOSSIBLE on a smartphone), then you might be concerned about the lack of wifi. Then again, what are you doing with a smartphone if you're not paying for a data plan?

But as a person with a Blackberry, I'm personally excited about the Storm. But I'm not such a Blackberry fangirl that I don't see the merits of other devices. I just know I must have a Blackberry. LOL!
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