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really, they didn't introduce ALL the players?!

Phillies upset about World Series introductions - The gist is that only the starters from each team were announced before the first game of the World Series, instead of ALL THE PLAYERS. Tell me, why was that?

"As far as each player being announced, it should be," Rollins said. "You worked this hard all year long and you're the last two teams left.

"I thought it was kind of cheap those guys didn't get the chance to get recognized. It took 25 players to get here, and each one of them should have been recognized. Bottom line."

He's right and it's just terrible that the players didn't get announced. And no, it didn't have to be in front of the tv audience, but the crowd should have gotten the chance to acknowledge the teams and each and every player. For goodness sakes', they announce all the players for the freakin' All Star Game. If they do it for that game, essentially a "meaningless game", how could they NOT for the World Series?

The Phillies think Fox is the one who asked baseball to "forego the tradition." And why did baseball say yes?

Another reason to hate Fox and the way they broadcast baseball. Bastards.

ETA: And I should remember to NOT read the comments at the end of articles. People who comment usually end up being so annoying and ridiculous and RUDE. Idiots.
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