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watch them wither and fall

a reminder of summer
clinging to days bright and warm
skies so very blue and inviting
yet the breezes are tinged
held by autumn's gentle grasp
shaking leaves from trees
watch them wither and fall
constant with each day
the nights stretch longer
reaching for the shortest day

So we're hooked up with the new internet and IP tv service. (I had to ask the husband what AT&T U-verse is called. You know, Comcast is cable and DirecTV is satellite, etc.) So far, I don't mind it at all.

What do I like the most? The internet has been so far quite steady and constant. Important when you're doing things online like uploading photos, etc. On the tv side, we have all the movie channels for now (I avoided them on Comcast because we didn't opt for them on our plan). We are, however, missing CSN in HD. I guess it's a good thing baseball season is over and I won't miss all the HD games (although the A's weren't on HD as much as they should have been). But what about basketball?!

I don't have any dislikes yet, but give me some time. ;)

And when we're sure we like it, I'm going to have some words about Comcast.
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