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maybe chaos will swallow me

maybe chaos will swallow me
shake me and drag me
toss me into oblivion
maybe chaos will swallow me
take me and stomp me
obliterate my suffering soul
maybe chaos will swallow me
split me and tear me
shatter me to dust so fine
maybe chaos will swallow me
stall me and break me
absolve me without forgiveness

Back of the head
while I was outside at lunchtime

I just wanted to see what the back of my head looks like. :)

I'm contemplating National Novel Writing Month. I'm contemplating NOT doing it this time around. I feel a bit bereft of inspiration. I think it'll be a bit forced, trying to write 50,000 words. But I might get myself sucked into it again. We'll see.

Five reasons to like Phillies-Rays - If you're wondering if you should watch the World Series, read this article. I don't need to be convinced myself, but this did make me smile. :)

Okay, I think I have laundry to tend.
Tags: poetry
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