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there's nothing to say

there's nothing to say
not when you're here
not when you're gone
my tears are spent
from all you've done
there's nothing to do
not when it's over
not when we're apart
everything was broken
once you took my heart
so there's nothing to say
not when we've walked away
not when we've moved on
everything will heal
somehow before long

This baseball game is driving me nuts so far!!! Oh, and once more let me rant about TBS.

Dear TBS,

What the hell were you thinking by not explaining why all of the sudden Dick Clark, then Steve Harvey were playing on your station when it was supposed to be the beginning of freakin' GAME SIX of the ALCS?! Would it have hurt you to put one of those annoying bottom line explanations on the HD feed? Oh yes, we saw it on the standard feed station, but why should we have gone there?

And oh, not sure if this part should be directed at you or MLB, but would it have hurt to delay the game like 15 minutes so that we, the baseball fans, would not have missed a moment of a very important game? As it was, we missed the first run of the game!

You suck.

Not ever affectionately yours,
An angry baseball fangal

I'm sure I'll get over the stupidity of how TBS handled the situation, but it was frustrating while it was happening. And having no explanation at all (at least on the HD feed) was the most maddening part of it. Asses!

Now, the Rays winning this game will help overcome my disappointment. Right now, they're trailing. Bastards.
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