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reaching for the unreachable
believing without beliefs
forgetting the unforgettable
leaving what's already left
speaking for the unspoken
breaking the unbreakable
tearing into the torn
beloved of the unloved

Found on MySpace:
star trek

star trek

I really really really want to see this darn movie. KARL!!! :D

Morning snack
morning snack

Dinner at Perko's
dinner at Perko's

So we had dinner at Perko's and the people behind us were being asses with their cell phones. The phone kept ringing and the one woman didn't want to answer it because the person on the other line was apparently being a jackass. When I tweeted, I should have said, "The people behind me are acting like this is their double-wide. And not just cuz of their ignorance and cussing." And normally I'm not that mean or whatnot, but when they start saying things like, "If he goes to the house, so-and-so will kick his ass and I don't want to have to press charges and go to the courthouse," I figure they're not too bright. And hello, there's a thing called "vibrate" or "silence" on that shiny thing we call cell phones.

Of course, none of us in the restaurant asked the older women to shut their traps and turn the phone off. Know why? Because we all had manners even in the face of such ignorance. Luckily they left before we even got our food.

I need a nap.
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