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he swears love curses him

he swears love curses him
bargaining for his pain
goading him to foolishness
only to laugh with delight
he swears fate tempts him
luring him to untold delights
wrapping him in temptations
only to reveal hurtful lies
he swears destiny mocks him
choosing opposite his wishes
leading him down a path
only to leave him cold in the wind

Watching the Phillies/Dodgers game. :)

We're on the last episode of Threshold. I didn't want to watch it last night because I wanted to watch Fringe. LOVE Fringe! We'll probably watch Threshold tonight. Depends on this baseball game.

The hubby has been watching Odyssey 5 without me. I wouldn't mind watching the last eps of that one. They didn't air everything, if I remember correctly.

I like Facebook, especially now that my sister is on it. I keep hoping she'll put more pictures up. I might just have to scan some old photos and scare her. She just loves the old pictures of herself. NOT! LOL!

My poor Holli dog got sick last night! It was gross. But I didn't really have to clean it up, so I wasn't too traumatized.
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