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please let me go

please let me go
just set me free
you can't say it's love
please let go of me
your heart is frozen
so why even pretend
I mean nothing to you
we have come to the end
just because you cry
free flowing tears
doesn't mean a thing
if love isn't here
I'm ready to let you go
I have set you free
we can't say it's love
so please let go of me

We spent last night hanging out at my cousin B's house for dinner. The T family, including Miss Breelyn, were also there.

me & Breelyn

What a freakin' cutie pie! She's much livelier now. She smiles! So cute.


We had a very nice dinner and then just hung out and played the Wii and chatted. I can see how the Wii can be a bit addicting! The guys had fun anyway. ;)


Friday Night dinner
potatoes and mushrooms!

Friday Night dinner

Friday Night dinner

After dinner we checked out the new truck. I like big trucks but this one is HUGE. (That's what she said. LOL!) Anyhoo, it's quite fancy. Nice!

Friday Night dinner
big truck!

Friday Night dinner
me, a beer, my camera reflected

Then we had dessert. :)

Friday Night dinner

All in all, a most lovely Friday night that eased its way into Saturday. LOL!

And oh, my niece (one of the grown up ones) MET NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK!!! She has pictures with Jordan, Danny, and Joey. I'M JEALOUS!!! There, I said it. It had to be said. ;)
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