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spy me after midnight

spy me after midnight
chasing silver shadows
between the beams
moonlight spilling
casting a spell in whispers
forgotten by dawn's light
stars flicker with laughter
keeping secrets so close
hinting only in dreams
the breeze a lover's touch
sparking that wonder
anticipation waiting impatient
while the dew gathers
memories of the mist
fading and drawing back
so long after midnight

I've written this a few minutes before midnight, but I'm waiting to post until sometime after. I'll stretch it out with a bit of babbling...

National Novel Writing Month is coming up. Will I try my hand at it again? I'm feeling a bit uninspired. I know I can continure my sci-fi story from last year as it is an epic after all. Or do I want to do something else? I did the romance thing and it wasn't as good as I would have liked it. The words flowed so much better with last year's story. So what to do?

I don't have any major plans for these next days off. I only know that Friday night we'll visit my cousin and hang out. I like hanging out with my cousins. And how fun, being out on a Friday night! :D

My sister FINALLY joined Facebook. I hope she updates often and adds more pictures. She lives so far away and it would be nice to keep in touch through Facebook and such. It took awhile to convince her.

My dad converted some old VHS tapes to DVD, including our wedding, our honeymoon, and our engagement party! I should do screencaps, but I'm a bit scared. LOL! What was I thinking having a perm?!
Tags: poetry
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