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it's easy to pretend

it's easy to pretend
behind the easy smiles
disguise the listlessness
with hollow laughter
it's easy to pretend
sing along with songs
dance beneath the stars
standing by the wall
it's easy to pretend
raise fingertips to heaven
forget the despair
with an invisible touch
it's easy to pretend
frozen to the heart
revealing nothing afoot
only questions at bay
it's so easy to pretend

Woohoo, I have the next four days off! I'm glad. :)

Work was all right today. I really do like working when school is not in session. Makes things more laid back at the office. :)

Let's organize!
one of my drawers

I went through some of my drawers and threw out a bunch of stuff I just didn't need. It's amazing the amount of paper used! I always feel guilty when I use the printer or make copies. Does that make me a tree hugger inside? I don't think so. I think I'm just taken by the notion of working as paperless as possible. Email rocks! And hey, why not just email different things and let other people print and copy if they wish? Geez.

Looking out the window

While my lunch warmed up in the microwave, I looked out the window.

I like the quiet

And after my lunch I did my usual and walked outside and sat for a bit. It's good to get out and about. Breaks up the day quite nicely. :)

I'm kinda fiending for the Blackberry Storm. It looks intriguing! Someday, it could be the exact phone for my needs. LOL! Someday...
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