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will heaven be this

will heaven be this
walking hand in hand
tomorrow unending
stretched into eternity
will heaven be this
breeze sweet
sunshine smooth
stars bright and endless
will heaven be this
laughter in every note
music at every turn
waves crashing in comfort
will heaven be this
dreams realized
questions answered
wisdom merely the beginning

I had a dream that Jim (from The Office) and I were driving around what might have been a snowy New York City in a topless truck of sorts with a body we needed to dump.

Yeah, weird dream!

Descending sun

Just as we were turning onto our street, I took this shot. The sun just slipped behind Mt. Diablo. Pretty, eh?

Work permits are the current drama at work. Geez. Oh, and they interviewed for the payroll tech today. Groovy! ;)

I'm only working three days this week. Exciting!
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