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Closer to going home...

First letter, each line

Maybe we'll meet
Again somewhere someday
Run into each other
Knowing we're not strangers

Maybe I'll even smile
Unsure of your reaction
Liking the silence nonetheless
Devising my introduction
Even as you laugh
Realizing we met once before

I had weird dreams last night, but I can't remember them. Something vague. I think my sister was there and we were at a banquet hall or something. But who else was there? I just don't know.

Before I went to bed last night I watched Jensen's interview from yesterday morning's KTLA morning show. He looked tired! It was probably EARLY in the morning. LOL! I thought it was so CUTE when Michaela Pereira (I remember her from TechTV) pointed out the people hovering behind the scenes just to catch a glimpse of Jensen. How adorable was Jensen's reaction?! LOL! It was neat seeing Ms. Pereira. I harkened back to those wonderful TechTV days. I miss those days. :D

OMIGOSH, the SciFi channel is going to start airing John Doe starting January 20th. YE GODS!!! My first taste of Dominic Purcell and the reason I've had a passing interest in him was John Doe. ;) Okay, more than passing interest. Geez! LOL! I was heartbroken when they cancelled JD. I hated FOX so much after that. Alas, they keep putting out some good shows and I can't help but watch. :P

Almost time to go home. Yeehaw! :D
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