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moonlight at midnight

moonlight at midnight
watch the mystery unfold
day's embrace fades
dreams tease then take hold
follow the winding path
keeping in time with each breath
anticipation an easy touch
luring beyond the unseen depth
ready to spark inspiration
untold adventures await
answers in the whispers
revealing the secrets of fate
defore granting its reward
destiny breaks every heart
tears and broken promises
ready to tear you apart
then the morning calls
drawing back the stars
leaving only remnants
dreams brewing from afar

I actually wrote that one on my Blackberry. LOL! First posted at Moonlit Jazz. ;)

shall i be an absentee voter?

Hey, it says absentee! :P


She can spend all day at the door like that.


Saffy needs a grooming.

game 2 ALDS

We're watching the baseball games and even though I'm cheering for the Rays, I do like Nick Swisher. Only 'cause he was once on the Oakland A's. And I've met him. :)

game 2 ALDS

game 2 ALDS

game 2 ALDS


It was a decent day at work. Cloudy skies but the air wasn't even cool enough for a sweater. I like the cloudy skies. I want the rain to fall and wash my car. LOL!
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