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it won't go away

it won't go away
the dullness in the darkness
dampening the light

Oh dear, Genius put ONJ's "Physical" on my playlist. Yes, ONJ. LOL! One could probably say it's my own fault for even having the song on my iTunes. And one would be right. But still!

Clouds in the morning sky

I like when the clouds are in the sky as the sun is rising. Makes for pretty pictures. :)

I've been having fun with Adobe Acrobat Pro. What a fun program! I'm glad my boss let me buy it for my work computer. It's fun to learn something new!

I'm toying with becoming an absentee voter.

We're losing two minutes a day of daylight! Perhaps that's the reason for my constant weariness. This time of year always weighs heavy on me...
Tags: poetry
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