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swear I don't exist

forget about me
cast me aside from your mind
swear I don't exist

I'm determined to wear green this week at work. I've done it so far. Tomorrow's outfit has green and if I do laundry after work, Friday will be my usual gear. ;) will be up for renewal soon. I think I'm going to move domain registrars because my current registrar charges me up the butt. Ugh! It'll probably be for that. I'm also thinking of moving webhosts, except that I think they're giving me unlimited webspace. And really, the cost is what's making me think of moving. We'll see what happens.

She cares nothing for my newly painted nails
I painted my nails green but she doesn't care

Oh baseball. Why do I watch when I only want the teams to lose? LOL!

my blackberry

My wallpaper is me and Breelyn. Awwww! :D
Tags: poetry
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