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I always want to say it's madness on Mondays...

... But really, it wasn't such a bad day. Work wasn't so bad and we got to leave early. Not so bad for a Monday, eh?

We're thinking of selling our house and moving back closer to the Bay Area. (We live in the Central Valley now.) I think it's a great idea. I like the thought of living closer to my family and friends. Plus, one of my good friends lives in the town we're thinking of moving to. I look forward to checking out different houses, but I DO NOT look forward to the moving part. Moving SUCKS. The packing and the hauling (although we'll likely get movers) and the unpacking. It's craziness! I'm never right for months after a move! We shall see what happens. Oh, and I'm trying to get a new job too? Yeah, fun stuff ahead! LOL!

First letter, each line

Why do I know this will be forever?
I see a future
Living with the constant of you
Like the rise of dawn
In the morning
And the fall of night
Marking the end of each day

Given this chance
Regrets do not
Exist for me
Genuine feelings
Of affection
Run through me for

Let me keep this
Even through the silent days

I'll probably re-do the above. Or just do something new and post on a different day. I don't know why, but I'm in such a Greg mood. ;)
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