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pause each note

let's dance
one last song
etching memories
this moment perfection
let's sway
keeping time
beat for beat by heart
ignoring the desperation
let's breathe
pause each note
draw away the world
this ever just you and me
let's stop
the music fades
pull back without regret
knowing this could never be

It was a pretty morning this morning. And it was a decent day at work. I had to stuff envelopes (payroll), but it was a nice way to spend the day. Plus the phone hardly rang! Yah!

Last night I made chicken adobo.

chicken adobo

So today I had chicken and rice for lunch!

Chicken adobo for lunch

And now I'm watching football. Go Ravens!

Oh, I haven't said much about the end of the baseball season. Well, it's probably because my A's pretty much sucked this season and I was a bad fan and only went to one game. Alas! I think perhaps I was distancing myself so that I wouldn't feel so much by season's end. Still, I do love my A's and I look forward to spring training. I wish I could be there! :)

That said, GO RAYS!!!
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