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so don't

don't give me a reason
just to tell me no
don't fool me with lies
just to let me go
don't try to leave
without telling me why
don't try to stay
just because I cry
don't be surprised
if I seem to forget
don't be shocked
by my lack of regret
don't think you're free
with a simple goodbye
don't believe my silence
means I won't defy
don't you realize the struggle
between faith and fear
don't you know the difference
between promises and tears
so don't give me a reason
while you're telling me no
don't try fooling me with your lies
praying I'll just let you go

Twas my cousin's baby shower yesterday. Fun! :D I was the party's photographer. I need to take more "posed" shots, I think. Still, I think I managed to get a shot of almost everyone. LOL! Oh, and lots of the food!!!

bev's baby shower

bev's baby shower

bev's baby shower

The fountain in the middle turned into this:

bev's baby shower

bev's baby shower
the parents-to-be

Even though I got to the house early, I didn't really do much but hold my niece while everyone else got things ready. I played nanny! :)

With Breelyn
so cute! her, not so much me. lol!

bev's baby shower
see Logan looking at the camera?

bev's baby shower

And of course there was the gift opening. I tried to take pictures of each gift and I sometimes wonder why I do that. LOL!

bev's baby shower
going for the chocolate

Oh, almost forgot the games!

bev's baby shower
the sock game

bev's baby shower
guess the baby food

bev's baby shower

After the party we just hung out and relaxed. It was nice. I had a mojito. Mmmmm! :)

night lights

I tried to take a nighttime shot. Oh well.
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