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every note echoes

every note echoes
the ache so hollow
emptiness filling
promises of tomorrow
every hope lingers
inspiration out of reach
merely flickers of light
growing so very weak
every turn a dead end
nothing to do but stop
the path uneven
despair left to rot
every beat echoes
unbearable to hold
now bereft of light
bones so very cold

Today was the best kind of Friday. First, it was Jeans Friday. What does that mean? We get to wear jeans on the last Friday of the month. Yah! Second, it was Aloha Friday aka Quarterly Lunch! Quarterly Lunch day means I don't have to worry about how long a lunch I take. And the Aloha part meant we got to wear Hawaiian attire! I found my Hawaiian shirt in a box and it's thankfully still a decent piece. I wasn't about to wear the dress I bought in Hilo Hattie. LOL! :D

Oh, and it was the Friday before Fall Break. Now, I don't actually get to take a break, but it does mean that we'll be a bit slower at the office. I hope. ;)

Anyhoo, for lunch we had...

Next Friday is the quarterly lunch!
see the menu above

The food was DELICIOUS! I had to have seconds. LOL! And it was nice sitting with my co-workers and just kinda relaxing. We all pretty much talked amongst ourselves and enjoyed the food and the music. Oh yes, we had music too.

Aloha Friday made me want to talk about Hawaii. I want to go back and visit. And then I don't want to leave. Oh crazy dreams!
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