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Friday goodness!

Into misty darkness
I drive away from home
The morning silence
surrounding me
with its cool touch
I speed through the fog
Finally emerging
into the fringes of dawn
The world comes to view
Slowly and with color
To the east
the sun's beams
color the clouds
with rosy shades
against the blue
The road twists and turns
leading me to the day
As the earth awakens
to the gentle rise of morning

I drove to work alone today. The drive started out FOGGY. Very little visibility. Manteca was still quite foggy but by the time I got to Tracy, things began to clear a bit. And then the sky began to lighten. Sometimes the dawn of the day is just so beautiful.

I think our big dog got an electrical shock the other night. I was in the computer room with the Saffy dog and we both hear this kind of bang in the other room. I got up to investigate. Meggie the lab walked out of the other room as I turned on the light. Nothing was amiss but when I turned back to look at Meggie, she had this glassy-eyed look and she was breathing funny. Freaked me out! The husband checked her out and she didn't whimper when he checked her. Ten minutes later or so, she was fine! We're not really sure what happened but later thought that maybe she did get a shock. How, we know not. But it kinda makes sense. She looked so weird though, so out of it. But now, she's normal! It's so weird!

The little doggie Holli gets her first vet visit today. I'm sure she'll just love it. I wonder what the vet will say about her size. Little dog is LITTLE! LOL!

We watched Wedding Crashers last night. Funny movie! I didn't pay as much attention to it as I probably should have, but I guess the stars of the show got under my skin because just before I woke up, I dreamt about Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. It was mostly Vince Vaughn. I can hear him talking to me. I was sitting with them somewhere (restaurant) and we were just chatting. It was so real! Then it was time for me to wake up. Darn it!
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