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the dawn approaches

the dawn approaches
burning away the night
slow and deliberate
constant and relentless
the dawn approaches
gently waking the mind
chasing sleep away
darkness retreats to light
the dawn approaches
calling back the stars
brightening the sky to blue
morning fresh the day anew

I'm awake right now because the dogs don't know the concept of "sleeping in." Of course, what are they doing now that they've had their morning yard time and their morning biscuit? Right, sleeping!

While the husband watched movies (21, Street Kings, part of Serenity), revamped the opening page of Kiari's Corner. I can't believe my domain is almost TEN YEARS OLD. Yowsa! The new layout is very green and super simple. Oh, and for smaller monitors it might involve horizontal scrolling. ;)
Tags: etc, poetry
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