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encompassed in perfection

you were everything
encompassed in perfection
my heart and my soul

Sometimes the words present themselves in haiku.

Next Friday is the quarterly lunch!
I'm looking forward to next Friday's lunch...

My day at work passed in a quick and quiet fashion. Always a good thing for a Friday. :)

We watched two eps from season 2 of Supernatural. After watching last night's season premiere of the show, I realized that I do need to freakin' catch up to pick up all the nuances of the upcoming episodes. Tonight's eps were "Croatoan" and "Hunted." I had actually seen both eps before but it was good to watch again to get back into it. Now onward!

The computer room window
I just took this picture...

I'm a little sad that this weekend marks the A's last homestand of the season. I feel like I've totally failed as an A's fan this season. But perhaps all the turnover just numbed me for a bit. I'm going to try and be more supportive next season. Promise.

Some dumbass kid tried to use one of my email addresses to open a myspace account. Instead of deleting the account (for the umpteenth time), I went ahead and took it over. It was annoying having to always delete the damn account, so there it is. I thought that would be the end of that, but then I received a "thanks for signing up, please verify your email address" email from something called BoobTube4Free. It was the same kid. How do I know? He used the same password! I went to the site to get my email address on their blacklist. And then today, the kid tried to add my email address to his email account (as a second email address or something?). WTF?! What is wrong with people? Does he not realize that it's my email address? Ass.

Things I learned while reading the news online:

  • If someone calls you and claims to be CHP and tells you to call another officer by dialing *72 then the phone number, DON'T DO IT. Why? Because what you're doing is forwarding your phone to another phone and they'll be able to use your minutes to do nefarious things. Something like that.

  • McAfee Coliseum is once again just the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum. McAfee decided not to renew their naming rights. Bummer

  • China's milk problems have extended to actual milk and not just the powder stuff. Alas.

My favorite line from last night's Supernatural:
Demon chick: What makes you so lucky?
Dean: I like to think it's my perky nipples.

Did I get that right? Nonetheless, I was LMAO at that one. ;)
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