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never good enough

never good enough
never sweet enough
never enticing enough
never strong enough
you were irresistible
you were mesmerizing
you were unforgettable
but you were never mine
who needed you more
who wanted this more
who begged you for more
casting aside any sense of pride
someone else cries now
someone else pines now
someone else longs now
someone else plays your game now
but am I better alone
is it better to forget
am I better this way
or am I just bitter in regret?

I love the love theme from Superman the Movie. Who remembers that song, "Can You Read My Mind"? I'm listening to it right now. LOL! :)

Enjoying the sunshine outside

If I walk out the door behind me in the breakroom, this is the view. No one around. But it's pretty and nice in its own way.

Sitting in the breeze

I sat down and enjoyed the late summer breeze. Just a five minute deal, if even that long.

I had a weird dream that I've forgotten already. Darn it! Oh well.

I was just reading about a friend of mine who's an aerospace engineer. Well, we were friends in our younger days. We worked together and somewhere I have a folder of his writing. I wonder if he still writes. I sometimes wonder why he gave me that folder. I think I was supposed to critique his work, but I never did give the stuff back to him. I wonder where it is now. I bet I'll find it if I look hard enough. :)
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