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beg me for mercy

beg me for mercy
on your knees and so humble
pride forgotten now

The A's are on and Greg Smith is pitching. I hope he does well. They're playing the Angels. It looks chilly in Oakland. Nice!

We're actually doing without a/c today here at home. Seriously! It's actually cool enough here in B-town for all of that. ;) It'll look good on the utility bill.

I don't write much here these days, do I? As in, I don't write meaningful posts besides the poetry. It doesn't really help with chronicling my daily life to just write a poem a day. But then I figure at least I'm doing that.

[Scoreless in the bottom of the third.]

While on a mental break at work (as in, I don't usually take my two fifteen minute breaks at work, so sometimes I'm doing other things while sitting at my desk), I wrote a post for my Moonlit Jazz blog. Wandering a bit while wondering a bit.

We watched Fringe tonight. Wow, I really like that show. I totally dig the shows that bend your mind. Eureka does the same kind of thing but with a more light hearted feel. Fringe goes the other way. It's like The X-Files, only now. And I keep staring at Joshua Jackson. Not because I like him or anything. No, he reminds me of Erik Thomson. It's freakin' eerie. Eerie!

Speaking of the fellas, I miss hearing from them! I love the crazy thrill of receiving an email from one of them. I feel less the dorky fangirl and more the appreciated weblady when they take the time to say to hello. But it's not to say that I think they *should* email me. I mean to say that I really love hearing from them. Truly.

[going to the top of the 4th still scoreless]

Nana's Surprise Party

Do you ever look into the reflections and wonder what kind of world lives there?

[channel has been changed... smells like rice here now because I've just cooked some for tomorrow... my yorkie is being anti-social... I hear people walking by outside... can they smell the rice?]

Two always sleepy dogs
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