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your dreams intersect mine

I don't know why
your dreams intersect mine
just before sunrise
or just before moon rise
the moments in between
lasting in a sense of forever
I don't know why
your dreams intersect mine
leaving me unsettled
feeling just a little lost
wandering through wonder
the secret buried deep inside
still I don't know why
your dreams intersect mine
my lips matching your smile
catching your whisper
all in my mind
only in my dreams

You know what's a good show? Eureka. I love that show!

I'm glad it's getting cooler, but I still don't feel it down in my bones. Know what I mean? I'm waiting. I like the warm yet cool days.

I'm going to try and upload over 200 pictures at once. Hmmm, bet it doesn't quite work. LOL! We'll see what happens. Tonight it's pictures from my grandmother's surprise party three years ago. Memory lane!

Nana's Surprise Party
the cake from three years ago

Nana's Surprise Party

Nana's Surprise Party
Tags: poetry
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