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autumn calls closer

mornings darker now
days shorter now
nights longer now
the air begins to cool
the sun retreats
just light above
no warmth below
still summer clings
at the height of day
but its hold loosens
its influence weakens
autumn calls closer
its whisper a greeting
promising relief in cooler days
chill tinged breezes beckoning
with nights longer now
mornings darker now
days shorter now

I'm uploading more pictures to my Flickr. Am I trapping myself in yesterdays?

Lake Tahoe 2003
Lake Tahoe 2003

So beautiful, eh?

We watched MY BLUEBERRY NIGHTS. We were meant to see it on my birthday, but the stupid theatre wasn't playing it when we got there. "There" being Sacramento. It was a rather sweet moving. Norah Jones is cute. Jude Law was unusually regular man in it, which was surprisingly pleasant. I liked the movie and I would watch it again. I might have to buy it one of these days...

Carmel 2005
Along 17 Mile Drive in Carmel/Monterey

I am a bit amazed by the sheer amount of digital photos I have. Have I really taken thousands of pictures? Yes I have! It's interesting how my eyes can detect the quality of the shots. I realize that my Sony DSC-T7 pretty much rocked and the DiMAGE G500 took very decent shots. But really, the DSC-T7 was impressive. I think this means I'm keeping my current Sony camera for a long time. :)

Carmel 2005

Lake Tahoe 2005
Lake Tahoe 2005

Lake Tahoe 2005
Lake Tahoe 2005
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