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come back to me

you won't come back to me
I've made sure of that
you'll never forgive me
my indiscretions overwhelm
shatter any goodness
you might have thought of me
I can't blame you
pulling back from me
disappointment tinged with horror
how could you be so wrong
how could you trust me so much
the questions will haunt you
and you won't come back to me
you'll pretend I mean nothing to you
closing your heart
locking your soul
sinking deep into the emptiness
never finding release or satisfaction
and I won't blame you
cursing my very existence
desperation tinged with self loathing
how could you still need me
how could you still want me
the questions taunt you
yet still you won't come back to me

Let me just say that this week has been zipping by. Zipping! I don't mind though. Not at all. :)


And yes, I do remember...

Remember when Barry Zito was still on the A's? It seems so long ago.

These photos are from our little trip to Phoenix, Arizona back in February 2005. We were there for the first day pitchers and cathers reported!

Phoenix 2005

Phoenix 2005
I spy Danny Haren and Kiko Calero!

Phoenix 2005
this might help

Phoenix 2005
the man with the plan

Phoenix 2005

Phoenix 2005

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