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I can't wait to have more

I can't wait to have more
all this thrills me inside out
laughter carries to the sunshine
brightening the blue skies
I can't wait to have more
every taste a pleasure immeasurable
teasing sweetness seeping in
slipping in so deftly and completely
I can't wait to have more
lose myself in this perfection
wanting more and needing more
yet knowing nothing else compares

I finally found the pictures I took from our trip to the east coast back in 2005! I had done the right thing - burned them to dvd - but I forgot to label the dvd. What the heck?! But I'm so relieved. I truly thought I had wiped my comptures without saving those pictures somewhere. Oh my!

Atlanta 2005
me next to the A's ball at Turner Field

I think I still look the same. I still wear those shorts!

Atlanta 2005
Turner Field

I wouldn't mind visiting Atlanta again. My sister lives out there. We've thought about moving out there, but I really can't see myself on the east coast. I'm not one for humidity and such. LOL!

Atlanta 2005
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