Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

I'm sleepy

It's September but we're going through a heatwave right now. Oddly enough, I haven't felt really overheated these past few days . Thank goodness for a/c operating at normal parameters! ;)

I'm writing from Facebook, using the Blog It app. Fancy, eh? Too bad it can't post to my Moonlit Jazz blog too. Alas!

I have to walk to work tomorrow. How sad is that? Good thing I'm not that far from work! It's five minute or so drive. How long to walk, do you think? LOL! I don't think I've walked a mile alone in a long time (if ever). I'm hoping I don't have to walk home because the forecast calls for 3-digit weather. Ugh!

Oh, and why might I have to walk? My usual ride is in the shop (a/c went kaput and it makes noise when I steer left and left blinkers aren't working) and the starter on 12-6CURVE is shot. Aaaack! Why do things happen as they do?
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