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Gray and rainy

This time of year can be so dreary. But hey, it's Monday and we're at home in our house clothes. What more could you want? LOL!

The first of 2006

It was my cousin's birthday and her mom planned a "surprise" dinner at Silver Dragon in Oakland. About 40 or so family and friends gathered and my cousin ended up not being so surprised. LOL! But we had a good time, even as the rain fell outside in the night. It was great to see everyone, of course. :D

And today we've been watching the different bowl games. We're watching the Notre Dame game and the hubby is getting annoyed by the game. (The Irish are on the losing end right now.)

It's nice being at home with the doggies. I gave the little one a bath. She probably doesn't like me right now. LOL!

Gray skies
falling rain
blowing wind
the ground
the grass
the leafless trees
with the constant fall
Tags: poetry
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