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I never considered

I never considered
the thought of being lost
drifting along without direction
until the moment we met
how could it be
this feeling of home
from just a cautious smile
masking this leap of faith
I never considered
my solitude equaled loneliness
my weakness my strength
until the moment we touched
how could it be
this feeling of forever
from just this first kiss
taking over every sensibility
I never considered
the thought of surrender
capitulation so terribly sweet
until the moment we fell
how could it be
this feeling of eternity
from just a promise made
guiding our very hearts

They say it's going to cool down this weekend. I hope that's true.

Pay day = happy people visiting me!

A's = heartbreakers

Naps = dreamless goodness

Harry Connick Jr = soothing to my soul

Facebook = finding friends and classmates from high school
Tags: poetry
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