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my daily tweets

  • 01:33 new at LJ - my daily tweets #
  • 07:16 @wahlee - I want some morning coolness! It's already warm in the house. Yuck! #
  • 07:22 @wahlee they've been out a couple of times. All they do is bark at the cats. Lol! #
  • 07:25 If it were the afternoon instaed of morning, could dig the 70degrees... #
  • 09:01 I must stop thinking it's Friday! Ugh! #
  • 11:40 Karl as McCoy is my new wallpaper at work #
  • 11:41 @wahlee - Hey, where's the twinkie? Lol! #
  • 19:26 I think I'm going to stop actively following some people here because I don't really care about their political leanings. Ugh! #
  • 19:27 I don't like politics period. Maybe it's a personal flaw. Perhaps that's why I'm watching baseball right now. #
  • 19:40 = oh my! #
  • 19:42 @wahlee it didn't say that, so maybe he was just really working her. or something. #
  • 19:43 @Nehalia keep them! if you love them and they're beautiful, why not? #
  • 19:49 @wahlee Maybe just a little too kinky. He seems like a quiet, introspective type. See, you've got to watch the quiet ones. #
  • 19:56 @Nehalia I say keep them. You'll find use for them. ;) #
  • 20:05 @wahlee so very true. :) silent but deadly. poor david d. #
  • 21:35 new at LJ - have we said goodbye yet #
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